Outstanding Achievements in Xiwanbei International Mathematics Contest

Congratulations to all the students who sat the International Mathematics  Contest for their outstanding achievements.

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Access this URL (希望杯國際數學競賽初賽獲獎名單.pdf)希望杯國際數學競賽初賽獲獎名單希望杯國際數學競賽初賽獲獎名單0 Kb
Study tour── “Football & Technology in Yunan"

In order to enhance students’ understanding of the culture of China & their development in science & football skills and to broaden students’ perspective, our school would like to organize a study tour named ” Football & Technology in Yunan”. We welcome J.4-5 students of our school football team to visit Yunan County, Guangdong Province for exchaning ideas and life-wide learning.


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Primary 5 students visiting Hong Kong Science Museum

On 18th May, our primary 5 students visited the Hong Kong Science Museum and joined the “School Culture Day: Science Demonstration and Variety Programmes” organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Through watching science movies, demonstration and exhibits, students’ knowledge about sound and light was enhanced.

Besides, students even got an opportunity to conduct experiments on electricity in a laboratory at the Science Museum. The experience was fun and fruitful.


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Application for Primary 1 (Central Allocation) (September 2018) Information on Primary 1 Admission


Release of central allocation results


Registration for central allocation places

2, 4-8/6/2018

Submission of Application Form (Waiting list)


Interview for waiting list applicants


Purchasing School uniforms, Books


Announcement of the waiting list


Registration for successful wait-lists


Bridging Programme for J.1 students


Orientation Day for J.1students


Orientation Day for Parents of J.1students


First day of 2018-2019 School Year

Registration Requirements:


If the applicant is not a holder of HK birth certificate, valid proof of identity is required; for example:

A. HK Identity Card

B. Passport

C. Re-entry Permit

D. Certificate of Identity

E. Document of Identity

F. Entry permit

G. Declaration of Identity for Visa Purpose

H. One Way Chinese Exit Permit

- Registration Certificate of Primary 1 from EDB;

- Students’ photo
- One stamped ($2.0), self-addressed envelopes with name of student;
- Parent’s / Guardian’s HK I.D. card, passport or other proofs of identity and

a photocopy;
- If parent / guardian authorizes another party to submit the completed

application form, the authorized person should produce the photocopy of the

guardian’s /parent’s proof of Identity;
- Applicant’s Hong Kong Birth Certificate and a photocopy. and
- The original and a photocopy of the documentary proof of residential

address should be produced. (e.g. tenancy agreement with stamp duty, rates

bill, public housing tenancy card, utility bills - water / electricity / gas /

residential telephone etc.). The documentary proof should bear the name of

the parent / guardian. Parent / guardian may be requested by the Education

Bureau to produce other relevant documents for verification as and when


If parents and students fail to arrive at the school for registration on or before 6/6/2018, they will be deemed as giving their place up. The school has the right to grant their places to other applicants.

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Access this URL (《小一候補學額申請表》《小一候補學額申請表》173 Kb
Parents Lesson Observation

In order to let parents know more about our daily teaching routine and the interaction among children, teachers and classmates, our parents are cordially invited to attend our Parents Lesson Observation.
After lesson observation, our headmistress, Ms Chung led a discussion  on learning and teaching in our school. All parents are requested to participate and share their valuable view points.


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Careers & Life Planning Fun Day

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Po On Commercial Association Wan Ho Kan Primary School Primary One Application (waiting list) 2018-2019 Reminder

Parents who wish to apply for Primary One may complete the application form and bring your child to the school for interview on the specified date.


2017-2018 Open Day

In order to let parents know more about our school curriculum and the school life of our students, we held Open Day 2017-2018 on 19th May. The activities included students’ performances, lesson observation, game booths, students’ work and school-based curriculum exhibition, etc. Thank you very much for the support extended by the parents and student volunteers.


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English Activity: Wonderful Moms

English teachers taught students to make a Mother's Day gift. Let's show our love to our wonderful Moms.


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