2018 XiWanBei International Mathematics Contest


2018 XiWanBei International Mathematics Contest


2018/5/19(Sat)9 a.m. – 10 a.m.


To be confirmed


Individual contests application:  before 25th April ,2018 with HKD$250 per participant

Reference website:

( Online application is available )


The Inter-School Contest will be selected by the Math Olympiad Team teacher-in-charge and the Math teacher. An official school circular will be given out soon.

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New Year Homework

Please click the following attachment to check new year homework

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Suspension of classes due to influenza

For the purpose of reducing the spreading of local seasonal influenza in schools, the Education Bureau has announced early closure of schools for the Chinese New Year holidays starting from 8th February, 2018.

For details, please refer to the circular  2017/18/030

The arrangements for the period are as follows : 



1.On 8/2, 12/2 and 13/2, students do not need to return to school. The school will remain open (9:00 to 5:00), but school bus services will not be available;


2.Our staff will be on duty in this period of time. And parent enquiries will be answered.


3.Parents' Day 9/2/2018 : Please come at the appointed times as scheduled. Parents may decide whether to bring their children back to school

The 54th Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival

Our school’s Chinese Dance Team participated in the 54th Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival on 16th January and we received the Highly Commended Award. Our students worked very hard for almost half of a year to achieve this result and we hope to see them continue to work with persistent effort in the future.


The name of our dance was Huan Xin Que Yue Xing Xin Chun. It depicts how the festive atmosphere seen during Chinese New Year stimulates a joyful feeling among a group of children walking down the beautifully decorated streets. The children dance their way along the streets in joy and excitement


Jumbo Kids Theatre: 3D Interactive Machine

Through drama our students not only have fun but also learn how to treat  and respect others with proper attitude, without any discrimination.


Click the photo to view more


Sister School Scheme

Since 2015, we have taken part in the Sister School Scheme co-ordinated by Education Bureau. The scheme provides a platform to facilitate exchange between Hong Kong and mainland schools. It also helps our teachers to have a better understanding of the Education in mainland and facilitates cultural interflow.


Recently we have paired up with Wuhan Municipality Chang Chun Street Primary School and our Primary 5 students attended a lesson on Life Education at Noah' s Ark along with their counterparts from mainland. The students learnt various strategies to face their growth process challenges in a positive way.


In addition, our students also learnt about 3D printing through the Interflow Activity and made a unique souvenir for the mainland buddies. 
Finally, students also shared their learning experiences and views on the Life Education lesson through a platform on the web.


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To Wing Kei receive the 'Star Bright ' Scholarship

136 students from various schools competed for the 7th 'Star Bright' scholarship this year. Our school student To Wing Kei of class 6A was also one of the participants.
Of all ,53 students were successful in the first round  and entered the second round which involved personal interviews.


During the interview, each student had to not only present his/her unique talent in front of the judges but also had to answer a series of questions.

Finally 23 students were chosen to receive the 'Star Bright ' Scholarship and we are proud that To Wing Kei is one among them.
Congratulations to To Wing Kei and we wish him good luck in the years to come!


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Children Story Telling Competition 2018

Children Story Telling Competition 2018


Click the following link for more detail



The 2nd Hong Kong Ethnic Minority Cantonese Challenge

Our non-Chinese speaking students Yang Qianqian, Li Haining, Ma Haimin and Tang Lili participated in the 2nd Hong Kong Ethnic Minority Cantonese Challenge organized by LINK Centre. Ma Haimin and Tang Lili worked as a team and won the 1st Runner-Up while Yang Qianqian and Li Haining won the 2nd Runner-Up. Congratulations to our students!


There were about 200-300 participants participating in the competition. Our students worked very hard to achieve this result. We hope to see more non-Chinese speaking students participate in such competition in the future.


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