Po On Commercial Association Wan Ho Kan Primary School Primary One Application (waiting list) 2018-2019 Reminder

Parents who wish to apply for Primary One may complete the application form and bring your child to the school for interview on the specified date.



(A) Application for candidate (waiting):
Date and time: 2nd June , 2018 (Sat)  9:00 am to 12:00 noon
4th June (Mon) to 8th June (Fri)  9:00am to 5:00pm
Application method: a. Parents are required to download  "J.1 candidate application form"

from our school website “ www.pocawhk.edu.hk ”   OR

Come to our school to obtain the application form in the above-mentioned date.

b. Fill in the application form with the student photo.

c. Submit the form to the school office on or before 5:00pm 8th June (Fri)

d. Please reserve the interview on June 9. (Time to be determined)


(B ) Interview with waiting list student:
Date: 9th June , 2018 (Sat)
Time: To Be Confirmed
# Parents should bring their students to attend on time.
(Sorry that we cannot arrange another interview time for latecomers)


(C)  Announcement of the waiting list:
Date: 3rd July, 2018 (Tue)
Enquiries: Parents can view our school website (www.pocawhk.edu.hk) or display board inperson after 9:00 a.m. (Because of the large number of people, our school does notaccept telephone enquiries.)


1. Parents have to register in the school office on or before 6th July, 2018.

2. If parents and students fail to arrive at the school for interview or registration at thedesignated time, they will be deemed as giving their place up. The school has the right to grant their places to other applicants.

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Tang at 21090045.