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Welcome back to school


Dear parents,

Owing to the recent incident that has occurred in Tung Chung and surrounding areas, we cannot forecast the traffic conditions and the situation in Tung Chung for tomorrow (2nd September 2019). However, please note that the school for this academic year, will start on 2nd September, and all students should return to school as usual. 


Students safety is our first priority. We shall ensure that all our students are safe at school. Parents have the flexibility to decide on sending your children to school. If you decide not to send your child/children to school please inform our school office on telephone (2109 0045). 

All school bus service will operate as usual. Students can take the school bus as scheduled. If, there is any obstacle on the way, we shall inform the parents through Wechat , WhatsApp and through the school website as soon as possible. 


Please pay attention to our messages from time to time. Thank you for your cooperation.