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Application for Primary 1 discretionary places admission (September 2020)


Information on Primary 1 Admission


Collection of Application Form (via kindergarten, kindergarten-cum-child care centre, Public enquiry service centre of District Offices, School Places allocation section/Regional education Offices of EDB)


Submission of Application Form

(our school registration no # 522066)
(Parents to submit the form to our school direct)


Release of discretion places admission results


Registration with our school for successful applicants


Registration with our school for successful wait-lists


Participation in Central Allocation Stage for unsuccessful candidates when parents will make choices of schools at Education Services Centre


Release of central allocation results


Registration for central allocation places


Information on P1 Application for September 2020


Complete the Application Form


Put on the application form our school registration no # 522066 at the appropriate space


Submission of Application Form on 23-27/09/2019


Service hours for submission: 9:00am –5:00pm


Places for submission: POCA Wan Ho Kan Primary School

(General Office)


Entry Requirements:


Applicants must be local children born on or before 31 December 2014


If the applicant is not a holder of HK birth certificate, valid proof of identity is required; for example:

A. HK Identity Card

B. Passport

C. Re-entry Permit

D. Certificate of Identity

E. Document of Identity

F. Entry permit

G. Declaration of Identity for Visa Purpose

H. One Way Chinese Exit Permit


- Completed Primary 1 Application Form;

- Two stamped ($2.0@), self-addressed envelopes with name of student;

- Parent’s / Guardian’s HK I.D. card, passport or other proofs of identity and a photocopy;

- If parent / guardian authorizes another party to submit the completed application form, the authorized person should produce the photocopy of the guardian’s /parent’s proof of Identity;

- Applicant’s Hong Kong Birth Certificate and a photocopy. (If the last column of the birth certificate shows that the child’s HKSAR permanent residence status is “not confirmed”, parent / guardian should produce the original and a photocopy of the applicant’s valid travel document or the resident permit.)

- If the applicant is non-holder of Hong Kong birth certificate, the parent/guardian should produce the original and a photocopy of the applicant’soverseas birth certificate and proof of HKSAR residence;

- If it is stated in the application that the applicant’s sibling(s) is/are student(s) of this school, the parent / guardian should produce the original and a photocopy of the relevant documents (such as the applicant’s sibling(s)’s birth certificate and student handbook, etc.) ;

- If it is stated that the parent(s) / sibling(s) is/are graduate(s) of this School,the parent(s)/ guardian(s) must produce the original and photocopy of relevant documents (e.g. sibling(s)’s/ parent(s)’s birth certificate and graduation certificate).

- If it is stated that the parent(s) is of the same religion as that of this School, the parent/guardian must produce the original and photocopy of the relevant document (e.g. certificate of conversion).

- If it is stated that the student has the same affiliation as that of this School,the parent/ guardian should produce the original and photocopy of the proof of membership; and

- The original and a photocopy of the documentary proof of residential address should be produced. (e.g. tenancy agreement with stamp duty, rates bill, public housing tenancy card, utility bills - water / electricity / gas /residential telephone etc.). The documentary proof should bear the name of the parent / guardian. Parent / guardian may be requested by the Education Bureau to produce other relevant documents for verification as and when required.


Release of Admission List : 18 Nov 2019 (Mon)
The list will be posted outside the general office and applicants will be notified by post (telephone enquiries will not be entertained.)

Application for discretionary places is limited to ONE government or aided primary school. If parents apply to more than one government or aided primary school at the same time, their child’s application for discretion places will be rendered void.