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Online Learning 360°


To facilitate students’  effective online self-learning, HKEdCity has launched  ’Online Learning 360°’ webpage, consolidating and categorising different online resources in key stages and learning areas to help students enrich their knowledge and reinforce what they have learnt.

Please log in https://www.hkedcity.net/home/en/learning with HKEdCity student account provided by the school. (Use the same credentials as in Teams)


Students are also encouraged to participate in the following student schemes organised by HKEdCity.



Description & Scheme Site

Chinese Master

Junior Level (P4–P6)

Enhance students’ Chinese proficiency with interesting exercises and games.


eWorks Award Scheme

Primary School Division (P1–P6)

Unleash students’ creativity by encouraging them to create their own stories, essays and illustration writing.


TVNews Award Scheme

Junior Level (P4–P6)

Enhance students’ comprehension skills and sharpen social awareness with English news videos and online exercises.


Reading Contract

Primary School Division (P1–P6)

Encourage students to read extensively, complete the journey from reading to writing and record their reading progress.


Reading Challenge

Junior Level (P1–P6)

Cultivate students’ interest in reading and develop reading skills by taking playful quizzes.


10-Minute Science

Junior Division (P4)

Intermediate Division (P5)

Senior Division (P6)

Encourage students to self-learn knowledge of health, science, environment and information technology through exercises.


All schemes above are free of charge. Students’ scores/submissions will be recorded by the system automatically.