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Application for Primary 1 (Central Allocation) (September 2021)


Application for Primary 1 (Central Allocation) (September 2021)

Information on Primary 1 Admission


Release of central allocation results


Registration for central allocation places


Submission of Application Form (Waiting list)


Interview for waiting list applicants

29/6/2021 TUE (p.m.)

Purchasing School uniforms, Books


Bridging Programme for J.1 students


Orientation Day for J.1students

26/8/2021 (THU)

Orientation Day for Parents of J.1students

1/9/2021 (WED)

First day of 2021-2022 School Year


Registration Requirements:


If the applicant is not a holder of HK birth certificate, valid proof of identity is required; for example:

A. HK Identity Card

B. Passport

C. Re-entry Permit

D. Certificate of Identity

E. Document of Identity

F. Entry permit

G. Declaration of Identity for Visa Purpose

H. One Way Chinese Exit Permit


- Registration Certificate of Primary 1 from EDB;

- 2 photos of the student;
- Two stamped ($2.0), self-addressed envelope with name of the student;
- Parent’s / Guardian’s HK I.D. card, passport or other proofs of identity original and a

- If parent / guardian authorizes another party to submit the completed application form,  

the authorized person should produce the photocopy of the guardian’s /parent’s proof of

- Applicant’s original Hong Kong Birth Certificate with a photocopy. and
- The original and a photocopy of the documentary proof of residential address should be   

produced. (e.g. tenancy agreement with stamp duty, rates bill, public housing tenancy

card, utility bills - water / electricity / gas / residential telephone etc.). The documentary

proof should bear the name of the parent / guardian. Parent / guardian may be requested

by the Education Bureau to produce other relevant documents for verification as and

when required.


If parents and students fail to come to school for registration on or before 10/6/2021, they will be deemed as giving their place up. The school has the right to grant their places to other applicants.