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Happy Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year Greeting


This is yet another year when we are forced to greet you all remotely on the occasion of Chinese New Year. Unlike the usual practice, we have chosen to send you a video greeting using some catchy cartoon characters in our school uniform which may be appealing. The primary reason to have used the cartoon characters instead of our own students in the video, is that we have not been able to capture the bright beautiful smiling faces of our students without the masks, in any of the occasions in the past two years.


At this juncture, we would like to recall the colourful Chinese New Year activities that we used to have at school prior to the pandemic. The photos and the videos taken during that time are a testimony to the happy times experienced both by students and teachers in an inclusive atmosphere at school.


In the video, you can see the cartoon characters holding the ‘Fai Chun’ with the message “Wishing you success in your studies.” This represents our students wishing each other with love.  I am sure that all our students want to be successful in their studies. Would you like to know the tips for getting a good academic result in the coming year?


Well, the tip is hidden in this message. “Develop good learning habits, reinforce perseverance.” This means that we must be interested in learning and cultivate positive learning attitudes with a never-give-up spirit. This year, each of you have got a ‘I am a Smart Learner’ booklet that has some great tips and strategies for better learning. I wish you all practise those tips and become high achievers.


Let’s do our best together! Hurray!