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“Go & Play Olympics” programme



Due to the COVID-19, most of our students lost a lot of time and opportunities to do sports. Therefore, in order to promote sports culture among our students, we introduced “Go & Play Olympics” programme organized by SF&OC Sports Legacy Company Limited at our school.


Through this programme, several former/ active Hong Kong team athletes visited our school to coach our students. They provided special training and imparted knowledge on Olympics during P.E. lesson thereby cultivating the habit of exercising regularly among our students. This includes sports such as basketball, football, track & field and cycling.


It was our pleasure to have former Hong Kong cycling team athlete Mr. Wong Kam Po visited our school to share his knowledge and skills on cycling with our students. Our students were very excited because it was a great opportunity for them to learn from Mr. Wong.


In addition to sports, coaches also provided students with physical fitness test, such as hand grip test, standing long jump test and standing on one foot with closed eyes test etc. These tests help to measure students’ abilities, such as balance and core muscle endurance etc. Based on these test results, coaches can help student to find suitable sports that they can choose to pursue.