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Application for Primary 1 (Waiting list) of school year 2022-2023


2022-2023 年度小一候補學額申請程序及須知

Application for Primary One (Waiting list) of school year 2022-2023


Application date:

1/6/2022 (THU)  –  9/6/2022 (WED)


Application Time

MON – FRI : 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

        SAT : 9:00a.m. – 1:00p.m.


Application Time:


School General Office

網上申請 (QR CODE)

Online application (QR CODE)

  • 遞交表格後,本校會致電通知合適者到校面試

After submitting the form, we will invite the student for interview.

  • 取錄準則︰ 學業成績、品行、課外活動及面試表現若學生在「自行分配學位」及「統一派位」兩個階段皆有選擇本校而未能成功,本校會優先考慮其申請。

Admission criteria: academic performance, conduct, extracurricular activities and interview performance.

If a student had chosen our school in both the " Discretionary Places " and " Central Allocation " but have failed, we will give priority to their application.

  • 所有資料及申請表只作申請小一學位用途, 當完成申請程序後,有關文件將會銷毀。

All application documents will be disposed after completion of the admission procedure.


  1. 小一註冊證影印本

Copy of P1 Registration Form.

  1. 學生之香港出生證明文件副本

Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate.

  1. 父母及監護人身份證明文件副本

Copy of Parent/Guardian’s HKID / Passport.

  1. 小一入學自行申請表影印本

Copy of Application Form for Admission to P1 (Discretionary Places).

  1. 學生相片兩張

2 photos of the student.

  1. 回郵信封(貼上$2郵票)一個,上面需填寫學生姓名及地址

One stamped ($2.0), self-addressed envelope with name of the student.