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Collaboration Work with our Sister School in Bejing 2


The Sister School Scheme serves as a platform to facilitate exchange between Hong Kong and Mainland schools. Through exchange and collaboration, sister schools are provided opportunities to expand their network, enhance understanding and communication, strengthen cultural interflow, and achieve mutual advancement in quality of education.


On 16th June 2023 morning our school offered a Primary One English lesson in tandem with our sister school in Beijing Shijingshan Foreign Language Experimental Primary School through online video system. Teachers and students were engaged in this real-time online class without any geographical restrictions.


After the class was over, teachers from both schools evaluated the lesson to understand in depth the learning culture of both the places and discussed about ways to improve the quality of English teaching and learning. This real -time lesson also has given new teaching inspiration to mainland teachers. Both the schools are actively preparing for various types of teaching and cultural exchange activities in the future and the teachers and students are looking forward to more interaction between schools.