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Exhortations by School Supervisor, Mr Tang Yiu Leung and Chairperson of the Po On Commercial Association, Mr Wan Ka Hung


Before the commencement of a new school year, the chairperson of the Po On Commercial Association and the school supervisor paid us a visit and respectively delivered an invigorating speech of exhortation. Their words of encouragement instilled confidence into teachers and school staff about embracing potential challenges of the new school year.The speeches of Chairperson Wan and School Supervisor Tang are as follows:


“Exhortation by School Supervisor, Mr Tang Yiu Leung”

Greetings to all teachers,

I believe everyone of you is getting ready and adjusting to the new school year after two weeks of meetings and preparation. I wish you good health and all the best in your work.

As the pandemic came to an end, Hong Kong and China returned to normalcy. Challenges were faced by every professional sector in Hong Kong and so were new opportunities. Faced with low birth rates and waves of emigration, each school district had to deal with a shortage of students. The Tung Chung school district was no exception. It was unfortunate that some schools had to cut down the number of classes or even shut down their operation. So it was an absolute triumph that our school could swim against the current and secure five classes of primary one students despite immense pressure with P1 student admission, which was better than the situation last year. This remarkable achievement was owed to the professionalism, dedication and team spirit of our teaching staff, which won the trust and recognition from parents.

Besides, I was glad to know that our students were well accepted by renowned secondary schools last year. Almost half of our primary six students were admitted to EMI secondary schools, including renowned schools such as Queen’s College, Belilios Public School, True Light Girls’ College as well as Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School. This achievement was owed to the nurture by our teachers and the diligence of our students.

“A teacher is one who transmits knowledge, provides for study and dispels confusion.” In the new school year, I hope everyone of you can carry on with your dedication and professionalism in teaching and nurture more talents. Also, I hope all of you will serve as role models for students, promote moral education and help establish a positive school ethos. I hope our students will thereby excel in both moral conduct and academics and grow up to contribute to the society and advancement of the country.


“Exhortation by POCA Chairperson, Mr Wan Ka Hung”

Greetings to all teachers,

Time flies. I have been the school supervisor since 2012 and this is my 11th year at the job. In these 11 years, I have seen the ebb and flow of the school. I still vividly remember seeing you for the first time as the school supervisor in August 2012. I am delighted to see that you are still very young and energetic and also by the fact that our teaching staff expanded from no more than 20 people to almost 60 people. This change testified to how the school persevered through difficult times and transformed into a distinctive multicultural school well liked by parents and students in the Tung Chung district. Thanks to all your past efforts and unyielding team spirit.

I can see some young teachers joining our school and I hope you will keep up with your efforts, unleash your potential, utilize your strengths and embrace the challenges of this new era.

Lastly, I hope you can all continue to inspire and nurture our next generation and be content with the great number of pupils you have when you look back.