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2023/2024 Message from the Principal Mr.Lui


Dear students and parents,

We bid farewell to the hot summer and welcome the pleasant and refreshing autumn. Farewell to the quietness and stillness of the holidays, our campus is once again filled with laughter and joy. September 1st is an exciting day for the school and teachers. As a new semester begins, we warmly welcome all students back to school!

After a joyful and unforgettable summer vacation, teachers will embark on a new semester together with you. In this happy collective, we will learn, live, and communicate together. Through these enriching and interesting activities, you will become happier, smarter, livelier, healthier, more confident and creative. On the journey of growth, you will encounter different things, and you need to learn how to face them bravely. Teachers and parents will always be by your side, supporting and encouraging you!

We sincerely thank all parents for their support and assistance throughout the past semester. We genuinely hope to have more opportunities for communication and exchange with you in the future. In the new semester, we look forward to our cooperation and joint support for the students’ growth. We believe that with our collective efforts, children will have even more wonderful experiences!

We look forward to a new semester brings new hopes! The school eagerly awaits your arrival with a fresh appearance, looking forward to the progress of the children and the surprises they will bring us!