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My Southern Island Diary" Story Picture Book Workshop


Explore the Wonders of the Ocean! Our school enthusiastically participated in the "My Southern Island Diary" storybook workshop. This activity aimed to enhance students' understanding of marine pollution and raise awareness about coastal ecosystem conservation. It also aimed to spark their curiosity about the physical structures and characteristics of species, as well as their artistic creativity and insight.With the help of a beautifully illustrated storybook, the instructor vividly explained the issue of marine pollution, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of its impact and potential solutions. The students actively participated and engaged in interactive discussions and question-and-answer sessions, enriching their awareness of marine conservation.Towards the end of the activity, students had the opportunity to work alongside the instructor to create models of marine organisms. Through hands-on crafting, they showcased their artistic talent and creative thinking. This process not only stimulated their imagination but also deepened their understanding of biodiversity.We extend our gratitude to the organizers for providing us with such a enriching learning opportunity. Let us cherish and protect our oceans together, and look forward to more similar activities that foster the growth of students' artistic creativity and environmental awareness!