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Green Carnival


Our school participated in the "Green Carnival" organized by the Green Council. This event brought together various environmental organizations and primary and secondary schools, aiming to raise public awareness of environmental protection.

This event provided a rare opportunity for our students and teachers to interact and communicate with students from other schools and environmental organizations. Our school was responsible for one of the booths, offering engaging interactive experiences to deepen everyone's understanding of the importance of environmental protection.

In addition, we enthusiastically participated in the "Environmental Smart Car" competition. This competition tested participants' abilities in environmental awareness and innovative technology. Our students demonstrated exceptional creativity and teamwork spirit in the process of designing and building environmentally-friendly smart cars. They not only gained knowledge about environmental protection but also experienced the joy of science and technology.

This "Green Carnival" event provided our students with a valuable learning platform to understand and care about environmental issues. It also integrates environmental concepts into their lives. We believe that this event will inspire their passion for environmental protection, cultivate their innovative thinking and leadership skills.