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Inter-island District Inter-school


Our school participated in the Inter-island District Inter-school "Speak. Share. Inspire." Speech Contest which was organized by the Inter-island District Principals' Association. This event aims to enhance students' interest and abilities in public speaking while strengthening their skills in communication, expression, teamwork, and leadership.

This contest provides a rare opportunity for our students to showcase their speech talents and leadership abilities. By participating in this competition, they not only improve their speaking skills but also learn how to effectively convey their perspectives and ideas. This activity has a positive impact on their personal growth and helps cultivate their confidence and teamwork skills.

During the contest, our students will have the opportunity to interact and compete with outstanding speakers from other schools. They will demonstrate their depth of thinking and eloquence through well-prepared speech scripts. At the same time, they will learn from other participants, broaden their horizons, and grow together with them.

The "Speak. Share. Inspire." Speech Contest provides a unique platform for our students to showcase their talents, express their voices, and advocate for their viewpoints. We believe that this event will inspire their potential, develop their leadership skills, and help them build confidence. They will become influential communicators and leaders in the future society.