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"Positive Life - Student Ambassadors" program


Our school recently participated in the "Positive Life - Student Ambassadors" program organized by the Education Bureau, with the theme of "Experiential Learning and Reflective Journey of Life Growth"! This exciting program selected 10 outstanding students from our school to participate.

In this program, our students engaged in a series of exciting activities, including a one-day camp. The camp focused on adventure and team activities, aiming to cultivate the spirit of cooperation among the students. Through participating in various fun challenges and team tasks, they learned how to collaborate, communicate, and solve problems together. These activities not only enhanced their teamwork skills but also fostered their leadership abilities and self-confidence.

In addition to the camp, we organized two workshops at the school for the students. These workshops provided a positive and proactive learning environment, aiming to teach students to embrace a positive attitude towards life. Here, they participated in various discussions, group activities, and role-playing exercises to explore their values and goals, as well as learn how to face difficulties and challenges.

The "Positive Life - Student Ambassadors" program provided a rare opportunity for the participating students to learn and experience personal growth through practice. These activities not only taught them how to collaborate with others but also developed their problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and positive life attitude. This will have a profound impact on their future learning and lives, making them more positive and proactive ambassadors of life.