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Dear parents,

I wish you all good health!

 Deferment of Class Resumption (resume classes on 20/04/2020 the earliest)

The Education Bureau (EDB) has announced that all schools shall remain closed until 20/04/2020. During the school days from 03/02/2020 to 17/04/2020, our school will remain open to students who wish to be back at school. Sufficient staff will be on duty to look after the students.

The school premises is being disinfected to ensure a clean and hygienic environment is provided for students and staff. Furthermore, please note some school activities or events have been cancelled or remains postponed until further notice. The revised e-notice (circular 2019/20/030) shall be issued as soon as possible.

Strengthen Preventive Measures

Social distancing and avoiding mass movement are key strategies for preventing and controlling the epidemic. There is no urgency for students now staying in the Mainland or other countries to return to Hong Kong, but they are advised to strictly comply with the preventive measures suggested by the local authorities. Students currently in Hong Kong should avoid travelling abroad, so as to reduce the risk of being infected during the journey. Students should stay home as far as possible, and avoid crowded places and group activities.

Learning and Teaching during School Closure

The EDB has extended school closure not for us to extend our holidays. Hence, the school has been using various modes of teaching including E-learning in order to achieve the goal of "suspending classes without suspending learning". The arrangements are premised on the principle of maintaining students' motivation and interest in learning. During this extended period of suspension, students will be provided with online learning materials, online resources and worksheets to facilitate students self-learning at home.

Amid the difficult time of the current epidemic, I sincerely hope that we could join hands to fight the disease together for the well-being of our students and get prepared for class resumption in due course.

Wishing you all good health and happiness again!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020