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Zhuhai and Macau Sister Exchange Group


Zhuhai and Macau Sister Exchange Group (Day 3)



The exchange trip to Zhuhai and Macau was an absolutely spectacular experience! On the third day, students had the privilege of visiting our sister school in Macau, engaging in in-depth cultural exchange. The students toured the Lin Zexu Memorial Hall, learning about the deeds of this patriotic pioneer in modern history, which ignited their own patriotic sentiments. Furthermore, the students also explored Macau's renowned landmarks, allowing them to appreciate the unique charm of this city where Eastern and Western cultures converge.

Through this exchange, the students not only enhanced their mutual understanding, but also broadened their horizons, feeling the ever-changing development of our motherland. We sincerely invite all teachers and students to explore this meaningful exchange journey, and witness the fruits of our school's internationalization efforts.




Zhuhai and Macau Sister Exchange Group (Day 2)



The exchange trip to our sister school in Zhuhai was an incredibly rewarding experience! Students had the privilege of attending the flag-raising ceremony, and participated in various traditional Chinese cultural programs, such as Chinese painting, calligraphy, and handicrafts. What was even more remarkable was that students from both schools collaborated to create a joint artwork, demonstrating the depth of cultural exchange.

Moreover, students also visited the aerospace technology space center, which greatly expanded their horizons and allowed them to witness the technological advancements of our motherland. This trip not only broadened the students' perspectives, but also promoted mutual exchange and understanding, embodying the borderless spirit of education.




Zhuhai and Macau Sister Exchange Group (Day 1)



Our football team recently had an exciting football match with our sister school in Zhuhai! This event not only provided an opportunity for football exchange but also allowed our students to visit famous attractions in Zhuhai.

During the match, our team members demonstrated excellent football skills and teamwork spirit. They engaged in a fierce yet friendly competition with the football team from our sister school in Zhuhai, exchanging football techniques and tactics. This match not only deepened our friendship with Zhuhai school but also improved our football level.

In addition to the football match, our students were fortunate to visit other famous landmarks in Zhuhai. They visited the Zhuhai Grand Theatre and also went to New Yuanming Palace, a beautiful garden where they immersed themselves in the natural beauty, experiencing the inspiration and energy of nature.

This event provided a rare opportunity for our students to showcase their talents not only on the football field but also to experience different cultures and landscapes in different places. This will have a profound impact on their growth and development, expanding their horizons and boosting their confidence.